The Experience

So, how do we get started?

.01  Get in touch

First of all you’ll need to complete the booking form which you can find here. This form captures all of the necessary details and prepares me for our in depth initial chat about your wedding plans.

.02  Consultation

Once I’ve received your form, I will be in touch via email with a direct link to my calendar, where you can book in an initial call with me at a time that suits the both of us.

We will have a 30 minute complimentary consultation where we will chat about how you envisage your wedding day to be; your main priorities, what you’re both excited about and any special details you wish to include. I will of course, spend some time at the beginning getting to know you both – your hobbies, your interests and most importantly, your love story. This is really important to me as I truly believe when we connect on a personal level, we can ensure your wedding day and the lead-up to it is nothing short of magic. But I also want you to feel confident that I am a good fit for you, so I welcome you to ask any questions about me, my story and how I can better help you plan your special day.

.03 Your Proposal

After your initial consultation, I will send over your detailed proposal which will include your bespoke quotation. If you’re happy with everything and you’d like to go ahead and confirm me as your wedding planner, then I will draw up your contract and invoice for your deposit.

.04 The Finer Details

Once you’ve returned both your signed contract and your first payment instalment, we’ll get started straight away – this is when the fun really begins!

You can expect to receive a little welcome pack from me in the post and a little thank you for choosing me as your wedding planner. You can sit back and relax knowing your wedding plans are in safe hands. So, let’s get planning!

.05 Let’s get planning!

I will create your own personal timeline so that you know what to expect at every stage. And, I will update you along the way with status reports, so that you can keep track of all the little details leading up to your wedding day and know exactly what stage of the planning we are at, at all times.

Ready to
get started?