7 top tips on finding your dream wedding venue 

Finding a wedding venue that fits your vision isn’t an easy task, in fact it might be one of the hardest parts about planning your wedding. Before you embark on a day visiting venues, it is important to do some preparation (and research) so you don’t end up wasting valuable time looking at places that don’t meet your criteria. Finding the right venue for you is crucial in making sure you have the best day possible.

Whether you’ve been envisaging your wedding day for some time or if it’s something you are only just starting to think about, searching for your venue can be a long and tiring process. But, with my top tips, hopefully you will be able to enjoy the journey and find the whole process fun and stress-free.

Read on for my 7 top tips on finding your dream wedding venue:

1. Know your numbers

First and foremost, you need to have a clear understanding of your guest list. This will be one of the first things the venue will ask when you go for a visit, so make sure you have made a list and know exactly how many adults and children will be invited. Knowing your guest numbers is important when looking at the space you have to work with – you don’t want a venue that is too small, but similarly, having too large a space may make the day feel impersonal. Most venues will also have a minimum number they require, especially for weekend dates.

2. Understand your budget

The venue will likely be your biggest expense, so knowing how much you have to spend is key. For example, there is no point viewing places that are too expensive as you then run the risk of falling in love with somewhere that is unaffordable.

It is also important to break down your budget into categories, so consider all aspects of your wedding day, not just the venue cost. Prioritise what is important to the two of you and what you definitely want to include at your wedding, versus what elements would be nice to have if you can afford it. This will help you to know what sort of things you might need to scale back on if your venue ends up being slightly pricier than you first anticipated. Or, it might help you to look at more affordable places if you know that nothing else in the budget can give.

3. Think about the location

Are you after a city wedding or more of a countryside feel? Do you want to get married in yours or your partner’s home town or, are you more focussed on finding a venue that fits with your vision? Choosing the location is key to finding the perfect venue – if getting married where you grew up is important to you, then you know from the get-go that you can rule out other areas and thus, focus your search in just one place. Considering your guests is also important when it comes to the location as you want to make sure everyone that you invite is able to attend. If you have lots of guests travelling from afar then you will want to consider accommodation and good transport links.

4. Remember your guests’ experience

When you are looking around a venue, consider it through the eyes of your guests and how the space will work for everyone attending your wedding day. Is there substantial parking for everyone? Is there on site accommodation or hotels nearby for guests to stay? What is the maximum capacity and will guests fit comfortably in the room? What is the food like? These are just some of the things to think about when it comes to ensuring your guests have the best possible time.

5. Look at venues that align with your overall vision

Before looking at venues, it’s a good idea to think about what style of wedding you would like and what your overall vision looks like. For instance, if you are looking for a classic, traditional wedding day then a stately home or manor house might suit you. Or if it’s more of a relaxed and informal vibe with lots of rustic charm you are after, then perhaps a barn style venue would be your best option. Choosing a venue that fits your aesthetic will help to bring your theme and vision to life. Once you have found the venue, it will make choosing other elements of your wedding day much easier, for example, your dress and your flowers.

6. Let your personalities shine

Of course, when it comes to your venue, you want to choose a place that fits with yours and your partner’s personalities. Be true to yourselves and go for somewhere that you both feel an instant connection with. When you’re looking around, make sure you check out the spots where your photographer will take you for your couples shots and really envisage how you will feel having your wedding day there. Just because you think somewhere looks beautiful online isn’t enough of a reason to want to get married there – you want to make sure you are choosing a venue that represents you.

7. Chat to a wedding planner

And finally, if you haven’t considered it already, think about hiring a wedding planner. With their expert knowledge and connections, a wedding planner will be able to listen to your vision and source the very best venues that meet your criteria, saving you hours of time researching. A planner will also know all the right questions to ask and will think about details you may not have considered. If you think a wedding planner may be able to help you, you can head over to my Services page for more information on what I can offer.

I really hope my 7 top tips on finding your wedding venue have helped you and if you would like any assistance at all with planning your big day, then be sure to get in touch via my contact form. I can’t wait to chat to you!

Wishing you the best of luck with your wedding planning.

Lydia x